About Us

96129a10-48b8-41de-8641-bc62a8828981_fea581f8Pooh Bear’s House’s¬†director, Mrs Kim Russell is a qualified early childhood professional with a Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood and a Bachelor in Education. She has been working in the teaching field for 30¬† years. Over these years she has been a teacher at four local government schools and previously co-owned and ran a successful Child Care Centre for six and half years in the local area. She has also raised two beautiful daughters, Demi and Sophie, whom both work alongside her at Pooh Bears House.

All staff employed at Pooh Bear’s House have Early Childhood qualifications. All of our assistants have Certificate III qualifications, our experienced trained room leaders have Diplomas in Child Care and our Kindergarten Teacher has attained a ‘Bachelor in Early Childhood Degree.

Pooh Bear’s House teaches children about the broader community and world through gardening programs, writing letters for our sponsor child Bridget, our world exploring ‘Pooh Bear’ and our community events. We aim to create generous, kind-hearted and compassionate children.