Pooh Bears House Philosophy           


Relationships are at the heart of what we do.  The best relationships occur trough nurturing and responsive interactions where listening and hearing each other build trust so that a strong sense of belonging becomes our foundation.  Relationships are responsive which means in any given moment or day our approach will always be guided by individual cues of children.

Children + Families

Children are connected first to their families and we therefore view children in the context of their families.  This means we listen to families and to children and respectfully include everyone’s perspectives when making decisions. Being united is an important part of moving forward with the same goals and our regular ‘chat nights’ support this.

Learning Environments

We aspire to create spaces that nurture and embrace children’s wellbeing in addition to our learning environments being a home away from home. Our learning environments reflect the identity of children and the diversity of our community.  The climate for learning can be seen through relationships, transitions and the physical spaces. Our team emphasise the importance of being, belonging and becoming a sustainable service which is supported in our environment designs.

Community Engagement

Part of being in a community means connecting with that community. We all do that in different ways and here at PBH we do it often. The experience of community makes a measurable difference in our overall feeling of belonging, wellbeing and health. Being part of community deepens and refines our sense of place, brings out the best in us and help us recognise how we belong.

Love of Learning 

We whole heartedly embrace a play based approach towards our educational programs which includes all aspects of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). We create context for children to pursue their curiosity, sense of adventure and interests. Creating spaces for investigation, testing, problem solving and researching are central to a well-designed environment.  We believe in fostering children’s learning through an integrated approach*, where adult-led, child directed and guided play all work harmoniously together.

Diversity & Inclusion

We respectfully honor and acknowledge the contributions of the past and present owners of our land by providing opportunities for children to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.  We acknowledge the Convention on the Rights of the Child and recognize the important role we play in partnering with families and children to advocate for rights and ensure a fair and equitable approach for all.

*taken from VEYLDF, pg14-15